X-Socks Trekking Light & Comfort Skarpetki szary HDTZCC

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A sock is only notable when you don`t notice it. Your feet are softly cocooned the X-Socks Trekking Light & Comfort. Whether on a narrow mountain track, a root-covered forest trail, or a scenic path threading across the green rolling hills, you are assured of perfect comfort. The intregrated X-Cross Bandage stabilises the sensitive ankle area. Plus you'll find cushioning pads on the calf, shin, instep, toes and heel to protect you from pressure and friction. With every step, the AirConditioning Channel allows damp, overheated air to be pumped out of the shoe. Integrated with the DryInSeconds-Footbed, which quickly takes up moisture and disperses it, the X-Socks Trekking Light & Comfort is the perfect sock for lengthy treks in any weather and on any terrain.

RoburImpact-absorbing, hollow-core fibres for reducing pressure and impact thanks to enclosed air chambers.

Air-Conditioning ChannelX-Socks positioned the Air-Conditioning Channel under the arch of the foot, the area that normally does not touch the ground. It begins there and then moves along the foot up to the cuff. Covering only 30 % of the skin’s surface, it is constructed using a fine-knit mesh, so with every step, moist air is pumped out of the shoe and fresh air is drawn back in. An optimal air circulation system for the foot is now a reality: fresh air can even be circulated within a snug-fitting shoe.

Traverse AirFlow Channel SystemThe three-channel cross-ventilation system helps conduct warmth and moisture into the Air-Conditioning Channel.

X-Cross BandageThe feet depend on the fine-tuned interaction of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. One careless step can be enough to destroy this experienced team. Therefore the ankles require extra protection without inhibiting the foot’s freedom. This is why X-Socks invented the X-Cross Bandage. It is a cross ankle bandage knitted from an elastic material, which stabilises the ankle and optimally supports the foot’s function without limiting the freedom of movement.

Dodatkowe informacje

  • Anatomiczna wkładka - dopasowana do lewej i prawej stopy
  • Aktywny pasek minimalizuje poślizg i inne ograniczenia
  • Ochraniacz na palcam dostosowuje się do asymetryki stopy i zapobiega przecieraniu
  • Wyściółka ochronna na palcach
  • Ochraniacz na pięcie chroni przed przecieraniem
  • Rozmiar wypada trochę mniejszy. Radzimy kupić model o numer większy.Pokaż tabelę rozmiarów
  • Obcisły, sportowy krój
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X-Socks Trekking Light & Comfort Skarpetki szary HDTZCC
PLN700.11  PLN251.15
Oszczędzasz: 64%

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